It was 9th and Hennepin, and all the donuts had names that sound like prostitutes
— Tom Waits

9th & Hennepin was first conceived of nearly twenty years ago, on my first visit to New Orleans, and my first visit to the world-famous Cafe du Monde. My first thought was ‘donuts are best when they are hot’. My second, ‘why can’t I have a shop that serves all the donuts hot?’. Admittedly, I was probably (un)reasonably inebriated at the time (it was, after all, the middle of the night in the French Quarter), but that doesn’t change the central truth of the first question. The second is for you to decide how well I’m doing.

Fast forward twenty years, many spent as a pastry chef and executive chef running such well-known Seattle brunch institutions like Crave and Portage Bay Cafe, learning baking, testing recipes, becoming immersed in the locally-sourced food world.


In March of 2018, the idea became a reality, with a booth serving hot, fried-to-order donuts at the Capitol Hill Farmer’s Market every Sunday afternoon. I’ve since expanded to more markets, and hope to be in many more in 2019. I’ve also started doing regular pop-ups, check the calendar, and contact me if you’re interested in setting one up.

Everything I serve is hot, and made-to order. I often get questions about whether I have my donuts in any local businesses- coffee shops, etc.? The answer is no- I want them served how they’re best- hot and fresh out of the fryer. I buy my products as locally and sustainably as possible- all the fruit and vegetables are from the local farmers I work with at the market, and the flavors change every week to reflect what they have in season. I’ve been told my flavors are inventive, but I try hard not to be gimmicky- no Fruit Loops or gummy bears here, just good, honest flavor combinations.